May 25, 2011

Getting Quizzical

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For someone who really enjoyed school, but couldn’t wait to get out and play sports and do other things, it’s tough to admit that I’m starting to get mildly obsessed with pub quizzes.

Don’t know if it’s a symptom of wanting to prove that my ageing brain still has “what it takes” or it’s just an opportunity to give it a bit of brain training, but I keep finding myself sitting in crowded, hot rooms in boozers around town, struggling to answer questions that I would have sailed through during my O level year or battling to recall who sang some obscure song from 1997.

What IS it that makes pub quizzing so addictive?  Is it purely and simply the competitive element?  Or is it a need to reassure oneself that there is actually something going on in there, other than planning a shopping trip or working through the contents of the fridge to work out what to make for dinner?

There’s good money to be made on the pub quiz circuit too – last week, I was at one where the prize fund sat at £102!  Just for sitting still for an hour or two – I can DO that.

There’s certainly an “anorak”-ish element to quizzing, which I guess comes from hanging around with people who know a lot of “stuff”, but its strangely addictive in a way that conjugating Latin verbs never was.  And sometimes I even learn things!  I excel in rounds of “popular culture” questions – last night I was helping a friend out by marking a quiz he had set, but I would have scored 20/20 on the round all about Heat magazine.  Who KNEW that this stuff actually goes in?!

It’s also a great way to have a sneaky drink, all in the name of “thinking time” and last night’s quiz even had the bonus of gorgeous food being served at half time (visit The Three Stags in Kennington, London SE1 if you like top tucker – it was delicious!).

So if you need me, I’ll be speed-reading the collected works of George Orwell and swotting up on what colour the tail feathers of a turkey are.  Don’t say I didn’t give you ample notice!  Brain of Britain, here I come!!!


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