May 24, 2011

My Big Gay Night Out

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I have seen the future of fabulous partying – and it’s not a hen night, or a stag night.

It’s a Bambi night!

A couple of our male gay friends are celebrating their civil partnership this week, and last Saturday I spent a magnificent night in the company of one of the grooms at his “non-stag” Bambi night.   18 ladies “of a certain age” and the groom enjoyed dinner, dancing, gossiping, far too much champagne and all manner of camp nonsense.

And do you know – although we drank WAY too much, and laughed WAY too loud, and had WAY too much fun, no one needed to be airlifted to hospital or set themselves on fire after too many flaming zambucas?

Confession time:  I’m the first one to go totally over the top when it comes to partying, especially at things like hen nights which I tend to drink to get through (I got horribly drunk at my own, finally returning home in exhausted floods of tears because I’d been left alone at the end of the night – what on earth did I expect would happen?  They’d all come home with me?!!!!!) but for some reason, despite consuming WAY more than is good for us, we all managed to stay the right side of control….just!

After plenty of Pimms to get things going (served with a squeeze of lime as well as the requisite fruit and mint – delicious) we settled down to a wonderful meal that included slow roasted shoulder of lamb with preserved lemons, chicken with garlic and thyme, lamb with sumac and pomegranate molasses and a host of magnificent salads.  All washed down with plenty of Chapel Down English rose!

And then on to the cake – a camper than camp affair featuring chocolate crunch mountains, a white chocolate cheesecake “pool”, frangelico sauce and, of course, the obligatory Bambi stuck on top of one of the peaks, looking slightly uncomfortable!

Cava and more gossiping followed, along with some cheesy disco dancing – and there was no “trying to outdo each other”, or “trying to pull that bloke” that I’ve seen even the most married of hen party guests try on a night out.  Maybe because we were with our very own special stag, but certainly this was just a great celebration of being “with the girls” – and it was fabulous!

Yes, we had piles of pink marabou feathers on the table (obligatory for any Bambi, I’d say!) but there were no L plates, no Claire’s Accessories tiaras, no ghastly cackling and falling drunk into gutters.  And yet I got home as late as I’ve been for about 10 years…with no regrets, and rather randomly no hangover the following day!

Who needs a hen night when you can have a Bambi?  I tell you, I’m hooked!


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