May 9, 2011

Seen AND heard?

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When did it become acceptable for children to scream like banshees at any given point in the day?

In restaurants, supermarkets, cars, in the street, even running around in the garden,  it seems to me that the soundtrack to modern Britain is no longer the chatter of the middle classes or (heaven help us) the tweeting of birds or even the rumble of traffic.  No, it’s brats, plain and simple, screaming until their lungs give out.

And what do the majority of parents do in the face of such an aural onslaught?

It would appear that 99.9% do absolutely nothing.

Now perhaps they have been deafened by the constant cacophony of noise which emits from their offspring.  Or maybe they’ve learned to “zone it out” like white noise.  Alternatively, they could (I suppose) be working on the “if I ignore it, it’ll go away” school of parenting.

But isn’t it better to find out WHY one’s child is making such an unholy noise?

My mother (who, let’s face it, was always fond of a good chat, a huge laugh or a generally invigorating argument) would always stop and find out what the matter was – if it was down to me being “a child” then I would be told to be quiet – and woe betide me if I wasn’t!

So why do modern parents think it’s ok to inflict the sonic booms of their children on the rest of us, without actually finding out what’s going on,and being a bit more aware of those around them?

When I sit in my garden at the weekend (or, as is the case at the moment, spend hours weeding and clipping things), I don’t actually choose to listen to the children next door playing (as they were yesterday) “who can scream the loudest”.  If they want to do that, I suggest they go into a padded room – or better still, a room in their own bloody house so that I can can continue my day without interruption.  Laughing and giggling = fine, hollering fit to cause an aneurism = needs some parental guidance.

I’m afraid to say that my inner Victor Meldrew took over and after five minutes of this unholy noise I shouted at them to “shut up”.  And guess what, they did!

It constantly baffles me why people have children when they are unprepared for what that may mean to them (including the need to provide discipline and control for starters) and so think that the rest of the world will do their parenting for them.  Guess what?  We won’t! 

When you buy a dog, you undertake to take it for a walk, feed it, groom it and look after it.  So why do so many parents absolve themselves of all responsibility and assume that the rest of us (who haven’t actually “bought in” to their parental idyll) will pick up the slack for them?

As the Americans say, “If you can’t do the time, then don’t do the crime.”


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