April 20, 2011

Go out and play – it’s allowed!

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Adults really don’t know how to party like they used to.

In the 1960s, even those grey haired, long in the tooth hippies knew what was what when it came to getting down and dirty at Glastonbury, the Isle of Wight or even Hyde Park.

So what happened?

Apparently Glastonbury festival is now “for the young” – a netballing colleague of mine was appalled at the thought that anyone over the age of 25 might want to go (to be fair, they’re probably the only ones who can AFFORD to go – all that money and you still have to stay in a tent?!! OMG, I AM my mother!) – and you’re only allowed to look in Top Shop if you’re 19 (same netballing colleague was quite incredulous, along with her 20 year old chums, that I’d managed to go in and out of the Oxford Street shop on my own, and buy some jewellery – although whether that was incredulity because I’d been allowed in and out without being arrested, or without getting lost was something that I didn’t want to enquire about). Only last weekend, sitting in the garden in glorious sunshine and watching their screaming brats playing, one of our neighbour’s friends said (in a very loud but wistful voice): “If only we could play like that now, at our age.”

Our neighbours are 35.

Who dictates when and why we stop playing? Who said that they couldn’t leap into the fray, playing hide and seek or bouncing in the ridiculous trampoline that seems to be de rigeur for suburban parents in this neck of the wood.  Creative gurus as great and grand as Edward de Bono have always advocated playing as the means to ensuring fresh thinking and creative problem solving.

And who wants to become the old people that our parents always saddled us with, stuck indoors on the most glorious of days, with nothing to talk about, no new experiences to share or pithy opinions to discuss in any great detail.  Stuck in front of the tv set, saying nothing to anyone.  Sounds dire to me.

So why become staid and boring?

The sun’s out this weekend, so get out there and start enjoying yourself – whether you’re 15 or 50. Visit that gallery that you’ve always wanted to see, venture off the beaten track in the countryside or start that project you never thought you’d get to, be it building a wall in the garden or starting the reconstruction of the Titanic in your sand pit.  And if the do-gooders turn up their noses and start sniffing at you, simply ignore them, crank up the iPod and turn the page of that trashy novel you’ve always wanted to read:  life is for living!

Personally, I’ll be breaking out the garden jenga, whizzing a few quoits onto the outdoor archery set and perhaps even filling up the paddling pool. Sure beats sitting inside and knitting.  Remember, as someone infinitely wiser than me said, age is just a state of mind.

Enjoy the sunshine – but don’t forget your sunscreen!!!


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