April 15, 2011

Coincidence or not?

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I’ve been looking for a new job – and it’s tough out there.

This isn’t a woe-is-me rant, far from it – but it’s certainly stressful and testing my powers of patience (which are very thin at the best of times)!  Hours spent getting an application “just right” haven’t yielded much in the way of interest, but neither has a blanket “general” email.  Gone are the days when recruiters call you back if you send in an application:  while it seems like the height of bad manners to me, nowadays it appears it’s acceptable for those looking for employees to simply ignore basic rules of communication and, rather than acknowledge receipt of an application, just carry on regardless.  So do you re-send your application if you haven’t heard from the company concerned?  Or do you just take the hit and assume you’re incapable / unsuitable / not worth the paper your CV’s printed on (delete which is not applicable, depending on how fed up you’re feeling!)

So, after more than 200 applications (yes, 200!) I reverted back to the world of the headhunter – which I generally hate because nine out of ten of them don’t take the time to actually listen to what you want and send you off to any old job whether a) it’s of interest b) you’re suitable.    And had the most hideous conversation with a 22 year old which ended with the immortal line:  “The problem is, you’re too experienced.”

How can you be TOO experienced?  Surely companies value a bit of expertise, which means jobs can get done properly, and quickly, and on brief and on budget?   Have I wasted the last 15+ years actually building up knowledge, contacts and industry information?  Obviously, yes!

This little charmer then asked me if I’d ever considered becoming a recruitment consultant, because that would be perfect for my age and experience.  Errr, nooooooo!  That’s not what I’m after.

Having mulled this exchange over for a couple of days, I tried again – on a different tack, going back to the wonderful world of PR.

Guess what, I now have two paying freelance jobs, with another one pending!  And what did I do differently this time?

Nothing.  Other than removing my date of birth from my CV.

Anyone want to tell me that ageism isn’t alive and well in 21st century Britain?


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