March 30, 2011

Party like it’s 1999!

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Apologies for the absence of any new musings recently but I have been helping with organisation of a “significant birthday” party for a chum, which happened on Saturday – and a fabulous and fantastic evening it was!

One thing that struck me, as I stumbled into the gloom of a London night after a fab time at the Class Rooms near Blackfriars (visit them today – GREAT venue and lovely staff!) was how much fun a group of supposedly adult people had had, dancing to the hits of our youth and drinking way more than is entirely necessary!

This could be a rant on how few of the hits of the past ten years I could sing even part of.  It isn’t – though I can’t see today’s youth getting down and boogying to the likes of Jessie J and NDubz at the family parties of the future.  The thing that really struck me was why I can remember the words to most of the songs played on Saturday night, in their entirety – the phrasing, the changes of key, even the dance moves (though maybe that I should keep to myself!).  

I know that many of them were committed to memory during my O and A level studies (which would explain why I didn’t do so well in my A level Economics – Heaven 17 weren’t part of the syllabus) when my brain was receptive to learning, but have we hit on another super business idea here?

Rather than make A level coursework boring and repetitive, how about setting it to music and getting the chart stars of the day to SING the material to students?  This makes it more interesting and, it would appear, more likely to sink in.

And who knows, maybe the top 40 of 2066 could include the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, or Keynes’ Economic Theories?  I know I’d have paid more attention.

Meanwhile, all together now:  “Don’t you want me baby?  Don’t you want me, woaaaaaaah?  Don’t you……”


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