March 16, 2011

Men really are different!

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This weekend I attended my first ever Six Nations rugby match – and despite a) England being woeful (although still winning – just) and b) having attended rugby matches at Twickenham before, I was struck by a “bolt of lightning” moment midway through.

Looking around the incredibly well behaved and good natured crowd (happy to sit together whoever they were supporting – football crowds take note!) I was struck by the mix of ages which was co-existing happily, drinking together, laughing together and screaming at the referee as one man (and the odd woman!).

Isn’t it interesting?  Women tend to stick in groups according to age groups…and while you’ll occasionally find a five or six year age gap among friends, it’s very rare for a 20 year span (or more) to occur in groups of female friends, in my experience.  Why is that?

Are we worried what the older generation might think about us?  Do we judge our fellow females too harshly?  Or do we think we’re not connected, or have nothing in common?

While I understand that we pick our friends initially from our school or college years, or those we meet at sports competitions, wouldn’t it be enlightening to see what we can learn, and how much fun we could have, with those who are of our parents’ generation?  Or our children’s?  Rather than pre-judging them and closing ourselves off to the experience.

Watching groups of men singing karaoke in the bars of Twickenham after the game was terrifying (Tom Jones will never sound the same again!) and encouraging in equal measure – teenagers and pensioners enjoying the day alongside each other without judging each other or making disparaging comments.  Wouldn’t it be great if women could behave in the same manner?  (and yes, the 16 year olds were WAY better behaved than the 60+s – good on the silver surfers!!!).


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